nostr-rep is to be a reputation system built on nostr.

I am building currently, learning the nostr protocol and relevant NIPs as I go. I invite any and all feedback!



  • nostr-rep was conceived while/after watching the live nostrica feeds and is therefore grounded in ideals the nostr and bitcoin communities may appreciate.
  • nostr-rep was imagined with marketplace buyer/seller reputations in mind, but can be more versatile than that, for instance I am also sorting out how to use it as a general purpose product reputation service.
  • nostr-rep may require creating a NIP describing reputations/reputation notes.
  • nostr-rep is to be a micro app.
  • nostr-rep includes a monetization scheme to provide sustainability not only for itself but for other nostr projects.

Reputation Notes

  • A transaction occurs on a nostr marketplace after which the seller and buyer have the opportunity to publish a note including a rating of the other participant.
  • The Transaction ID is the note ID from the note in which the transaction took place.
  • Only two reputation notes can be related to a Transaction ID, one from the seller and one from the buyer.
  • A Reputation Note would contain the buyer's and seller's npub, a score, and an optional message.

Transaction score and Proof of Work

  • A Transaction Scores are between -5 and 5 and are the score reported about a buyers or sellers experience with the opposite during a specific transaction.
  • A Transaction Score of 0 requires only the work of publishing the Reputation Note to the Reputation Relay.
  • Stonger opinions have an associated cost; after sending a reputation note containing a non-zero Transaction Score to the reputation server, the sender would receive a lightning invoice and after that invoice is payed the note will be published.
  • A Transaction Score of -1 or 1 requires a payment of a just a few sats (10?).
  • A Transaction Score of -2 or 2 requires a payment of a just a few sats more than just a few sats.
  • A Transaction Score of -3 or 3 requires a payment just a little bit more, making sure you want it.
  • A Transaction Score of -4 or 4 requires a payment that is getting a little uncomfortable.
  • A Transaction Score of -5 or 5 requires a payment that you are only willing to pay if you want the world to know how you feel.
  • The cost of the Transaction Scores will be periodically reviewed and adjusted.

Overall Reputation Scores

  • nostr-rep can be queried via note or api for an npub's reputation stats
    • total number of reputation notes
    • number of positive reputation notes
    • number of negative reputation notes
    • sum of positive reputation notes
    • sum of negative reputation notes
    • sum of positive and negative reputation notes

Monetization for the developer community

  • The money collected shall be used in several ways, and those ways will expand as/if adaption grows.
    • Paying for nost-rep's expenses (e.g., server,lightning liquidity and payed services)
    • Compensation for the nostr-rep developer.
    • Excess money goals
      • Marketing/evangelism of nostr (marketing campaigns and sponsoring events)
      • Donating to other nostr developers/projects
      • Lending money for providing lightening liquidity for other nostr or bitcoin focused projects
  • A purpose driven relay will exist to deal with reputation notes.